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from a young age i've always loved being creative, and i am so thankful to be able to be creative for a living. i have always been the friend in the group who had the aux cord and took way too many photos. nothing has changed except now music is played on bluetooth and i have a "fancy camera". 

I'm Rayne

hey there! 

treasure lifes little moments

i love working with people who

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honey bear - ugly mug

Peach Crown,OJ & Grenadine

Glacier National Park

Anywhere in the Mountains

Hiking,Skiing&HOuse plants

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Anywhere with Hibachi

all the fall colors


October 14th-libra-25yo

How did i get started in photography?

How did i get started in photography?


I Got Started In Photography After Taking The Absolute Worst College Photography Class Ever. During That Horrible Class I Bought My First "fancy" Camera And Took To Youtube To Teach Myself. From Then On You Haven't Been Able To Get A Camera Out Of My Hands. 

do you do photography full time? 

Do You Do Photography Full Time? 

Yes! my personal style & clients grew over the years. in may 2021 i got so busy with photography i left my other full-time job and haven't looked back. i am so beyond blessed & thankful for all my clients. 

what did you do before being a photographer?

What Did You Do Before Being A Photographer?

i worked numerous jobs in high school & college some of my favorites were: book keeper, waitress, casino attendant, and special Education paraprofessional. after graduating college i worked for 3 years as a full time 911 dispatcher on 12 hour night shifts.

Where are you from?

where are you from?

the small town of circle, mt population 600. i graduated in 2016 and moved 1.5 hours away to miles city, mt for college. i Currently still live in miles city. i love montana and have no intentions of leaving!

age, kids, pets?

Age, Kids, Pets?

25.. no kiddos yet but i spoil The heck out of my friends littles. two fur babies: hennessy & kobe!

hobbies other than photography?

Hobbies Other Than Photography?

i love to travel and see and experience new things. i love to go hiking and see things you just can't see from the road. in the winter i try to go to deadwood and ski as much as possible.

what brand of camera do you shoot on?

What Brand Of Camera Do You Shoot On?

I started out with nikon, but i switched to sony mirrorless and have never looked back. my favorite lenses are primes. which means they don't zoom in and out. so i run around like a crazy person because i am the zoom lol. normally the only time i use a zoom is during a wedding ceremony. 

i honestly can't imagine doing anything else 

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